“In daily life we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy.” – David Steindl-Rast

Can you believe January is already gone; and yet, are you at peace and happy with your life so far this new year or do you find you are not where you want to be so far in 2020?   Perhaps you’re feeling secluded and simply longing for a sense of belonging?  Well, I trust what I share today will bring you to a better understanding and direction on the journey likely all of us are on…

The need to belong tugs at every heart because we’re designed to function on the basis of intimate relationships – to love and be loved. This design comes from God Himself.  From eternity, the original family of Father, Son and Holy Spirit lives in intimate closeness. The essence of “belonging” and very nature of God is love and thankfully He did create and made us to be like Him.

Hence, because of our Godlikeness, we possess not just a capacity for love, but a need for it. When our need is met, we thrive; however, when it remains unmet, we find ourselves defeated. Science, through various studies, has showed how children raised in a nurturing environment have higher IQs, while they also correlate loneliness with mental illness and/or other sickness.

“Belonging” is entwined within the spiral-ladders of our DNA. We want to belong, we need to belong; so then, how to belong becomes the question.  Clearly the entire human race fails at it on a daily basis; as strife lashes out everywhere – from the interpersonal to the global scale. So here we sit, alienated from one another and from God, opposed to the very need engraved on our DNA.

It is obvious to me that we can’t extricate ourselves  form these circumstances without a Savior; and qualifying Himself to save us cost Jesus something.   The inseparable Trio of love was fractured at Calvary.  The Father looking down in woe, present but not perceived!  Holy Spirit moaning with cries too deep to be uttered.  Then there was Jesus feeling orphaned, outcast, abandoned and despairing, as this traumatic assault on the cross was sufficient to make His very soul boil over in terminal grief.

Indeed, the cost was commensurate with that which He bought; as He purchased a new “belonging” for all of us.  He paid with His own life and He extends the invitation for you and I to belong to the most elite family in the universe.   A family soon to be reunited and ascend with Him when He comes again.

Are you willing to accept His sacrifice and invitation for this long-awaited reunion?  Don’t delay and embrace His offer today, for is time now to pack for the journey ahead where we belong…just something to think about!

“The impulse of love that leads us to the doorway of a friend is the voice of God within and we need not be afraid to follow it.”  – Agnes Sanford

Jose Ponton, Jr.