How do you see other people in your life?  Do you see them as good people trying to do their best?  Do you see people as frustrating?  Do you see them as people needing love or as unlovable?  What if we were able to see the people in our lives through God’s eyes?

I got to talk to my uncle this week about one of his new hobbies.  He likes to go to local streams and pan for gold. Sounds tedious to me, but he enjoys it.  The process is simple. You simply take a heap of mud and gravel off of the stream bed, swirl it around, slowly discarding the mud and gravel.  The key is training your eye to look past the mud and mire and search for shining, bright specks of gold.

It got me thinking.  What if we panned for gold in other people?  What if, instead of focusing on the mud and mire of other people, we actually trained ourselves to look for bright spots?

It’s so easy to focus on other people’s mistakes and character flaws, especially if they end up hurting us.  But we can actually retrain our minds to stop looking for mud, and start looking for gold!

It all starts with how you begin your morning.  “But I will sing of your strength, in the morning I will sing of your love; for you are my fortress, my refuge in times of trouble.” Psalm 59:16.  Start by praising God. Not just because he has done something good in your life, but praise him because he is the highest. Next, look for gold in yourself.  Focus on your successes and triumphs and on traits that you admire in yourself. Then, when you encounter people around you, make mental notes of the good things in those people.  Or if you want to make their day – tell them!

If you train your mind to find gold, you will find gold.  If you train your mind to mind mud, you will find mud. “…Seek and you will find…”  Matthew 7:7 Are you seeking gold or mud? Challenge yourself to look for the gold in others and in yourself and witness the amazing effect on your outlook on life.