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Climate Change

How does your spiritual life affect those around you?  It may have more impact than you might think. When Jonah was tasked

Climate Change2018-06-25T13:30:23-04:00


Have you ever wondered if you were unqualified to serve Christ?  What does it mean to be qualified to serve Christ’s Kingdom?


Forgiving to Serve

Let’s face it.  We’ve all hurt people in our lives, and we have all been hurt by other people.  Sometimes the way

Forgiving to Serve2018-06-25T12:54:18-04:00

The Master Strategist

Philip was in the height of his ministry career.  After he fled Jerusalem to escape persecution, he found himself in Samaria.  During

The Master Strategist2018-06-25T12:46:44-04:00

Turn Your Eyes

The storm was raging and the disciples were afraid for their lives.  Surely the boat was going to break apart from the

Turn Your Eyes2018-06-25T12:40:34-04:00

Panning for Gold

  How do you see other people in your life?  Do you see them as good people trying to do their best? 

Panning for Gold2018-06-25T12:35:04-04:00