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Free Indeed

“How can you say that we shall be set free?” the Jews asked with a combination of disgust and bewilderment.  “We are

Free Indeed 2018-06-25T13:44:24+00:00

Broken Things

It’s an age-old story.  You get into an argument with your mate.  You yell at your kids. You get angry at someone

Broken Things 2018-06-27T15:57:08+00:00

What is Love Really?

Romans 5:8 God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.  Bible verses such

What is Love Really? 2018-06-27T15:47:21+00:00

What’s Left After Right?

Have you ever wanted to be right?  Maybe in an endless Facebook thread, or perhaps an argument with a loved one.  After

What’s Left After Right? 2018-06-25T14:00:31+00:00

Born Again

Last week, my wife and I welcomed our son, Jakob into the world.  Filled with love and pride, I held my newborn

Born Again 2018-06-25T13:26:15+00:00

Make Me a Nail

An Elder at my former church would pray a unique prayer over the speaker before the speaker would go up to preach

Make Me a Nail 2018-06-25T13:39:34+00:00

Climate Change

How does your spiritual life affect those around you?  It may have more impact than you might think. When Jonah was tasked

Climate Change 2018-06-25T13:30:23+00:00