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Persevering Faith

Do you know who said these famous words?-“Yo Adrienne!” They were spoken by the beloved movie character-Rocky Balboa. The first movie in the Rocky series won Best Picture in 1976. The original movie and each sequel showed Rocky overcoming obstacles to achieve victory. The story lines were predictable and cheesy, but when Rocky spoke about […]

Finding True Rest

“The times they are a-changing” Bob Dylan once sang. How true those words are. The world certainly is moving faster and faster. “Back in my day”-we said and did things that no one does anymore-like get up to change the channel on the TV. Like stand on the street and use a pay phone. Here […]

Setting Our Sights on God

Once when I was a youth pastor, I led a group of about 20 teens and parents to inner city Chicago to do service projects. We were assigned to a low income nursing home for a few days. In the nursing home’s day room, there was a piano which happened to be in tune. In my […]

Worry is Blind

Once there were two CEOs, both with high powered, stress filled jobs. One of the CEOs, Gene managed his stress well, while the other did not. Ed-the unhealthy one, suffered health problems. His problems ranged from high cholesterol to high blood pressure and ulcers. Ed and his healthy friend Gene met for lunch. Gene asked […]

How to Live to Be 100

MSN featured the Loma Linda Seventh-Day Adventists in a short video on How to Live to Be 100. The video focuses on three key components: Diet Exercise Positive Attitude Be sure to watch the video and for more information on the CREATION Health principles, visit

5 Simple Rules to Be Happy

There once was a couple who had been married 70 years. Sadly, the wife died, leaving the 92-year-old man to move to an assisted care facility. After an hour or so of waiting patiently in the lobby as he was being admitted, he smiled sweetly when told his room was ready. As he maneuvered his […]

Don’t Forget Who You Are

The 1994 movie The Lion King was a huge hit for Disney. Here is the plot: The king of all lions, Mufasa has a cub named Simba. The birth of Simba greatly angers Mufasa’s brother Scar, who was next in line to be king if not for the birth of Simba. Scar wants to be king and […]


I met my wife Vonnie in November 1982. She worked in the Admitting Department at a hospital in San Diego and I worked at the same hospital on the Psychiatric Unit. We hit it off right away and began dating. I knew she really liked me because she brought me an entire lasagna for Thanksgiving. […]

Our Two Natures

An old Cherokee chief was taking a walk with his son, a young brave, hoping to pass on to the boy lessons and wisdom about life. “A fight is going on inside me,” the chief says to the boy. “It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One wolf is evil-he is […]

The New Bible

A young man graduating high school was excited about the graduation gift he was hoping to get from his father. He had asked his father for a car and was almost sure it was coming. For many months he had admired a Lexus, and knowing his dad could afford it, he was excited to get […]